Internal rules and regulations


Polytech Argouges Campus

Request for information

  • Access to the residence: the door only opens with an access code
  • Garbage: trash containers are located outside the residence. We kindly ask you to first put all of your wastes in a plastic bag before throwing them into the trash and to respect the waste sorting. Please trash your glass in the glass container located on the market place at a 2mn walking distance from the residence.
  • Laundry: the laundry includes a washing-machine and a dryer and is located at the second floor. It’s closed past 10PM.
  • Mailbox: every apartment has a personal mailbox located at the entrance.


The direction and the residence staff kindly ask you to respect the following rules:

  • No more noise or laundry after 10PM
  • No smoking in the elevator and into the residence or any commune areas.
  • All bikes must be stored in the storage bike and not at the reception or commune areas.
  • Respect of the cleanliness of the locals, corridors, laundry facility, etc.
  • Respect of the fitness room’s material.